To ensure our servicemen and women, and their spouses continue to live with dignity and respect the NZ RSA provides welfare and support services.

  • Assistance with eyewear, cataracts, dental, hearing aids, other medical needs, house maintenance, and bereavement costs.

Please see Barry Pont, the Support Advisor, for the appropriate application forms for the following two Trusts:

  • The Nelson RSA Poppy Trust
  • The Nelson RSA Trust

Hospital Visits

If you know that a member of the RSA is in the hospital, please give Audrey a call on (03) 548-8798 so a visit can be arranged.

VANZ Support

The Veterans’ Independence Programme offers support so veterans can remain independent in their own home. As long as you have Qualifying Service (Regular Force, Territorial Force, if you served before 1 April 1974) you are eligible. You don’t have to have a service-related condition.

Support can include things like mowing your lawns, cleaning your gutters, washing the outside of your house, cleaning windows, and gardening.